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A Note on EZD6 by Professor Dungeonmaster of Dungeoncraft...

The vermin stepped through a hole in the basement wall, skulking and sniffing. I leaped out and buried my axe in one’s skull. The thief skewered another from behind. The mage torched another, filling the air with the smell of burning rat hair…

That’s how I met DM Scotty. I had seen him, of course, on the DM’s craft, making purple worms out of toilet paper rolls and dungeonscapes out of corrugated cardboard. His YouTube channel, The DM’s Craft, was (and still is!) one of the inspirations for my own, and when he invited me to game with him over Zoom, I jumped at the chance—not just because he’s one of my YouTube idols, but because he was going to run his top-secret EZD6 system.

Some folks say you shouldn’t meet your idols—that it’s often a disappointing experience. But Scotty was just as enthusiastic and gregarious as he is onscreen, and EZD6 was even cooler than I could have imagined! When I received the beta rules, I was blown away. Within 10 minutes I completely understood the system and created a completely original, detailed character. Pretty soon my playtest group were furiously hacking our way through a sewer filled with rat men.   

EZD6 is immediately understandable to experienced gamers and accessible to new ones. You never need to stop to look up rules—everything is right there on your character sheet. Spells can be created on the spot. Karma and hero dice allow players lots of choices. Exploding dice mean you can potentially kill anything—and monsters can kill you.

To my mind, the fast, elegant EZd6 rules allow the game to be more immersive and intuitive—more like watching a movie than playing a TTRPG. So, grab a handful of d6s and let the fun begin!

                                                                                                              --Professor DungeonMaster

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